XXXI International Exhibition of Associazione Architetti Artisti – Ligne et Couleur

in Venice at the Giorgio and Armanda Marchesani Foundation from October 3. to 9. 2023

Art interpreting the dependence of technique to nature

“My work is a dialogue of impacts in nature influenced by manmade benefits.”

Göran Pohl is working on sculptures and photography. In his art, the philosophy of biomimetics by means of technique aiming at the benefits of mother nature is turned upside down, as “reverse-biomimetics”, if nature is in research of manmade progress.

Architectures of emergency are „chambres de forêt“, real sculptures made from brown flax, white glass and black basalt – symbols of architects materials and settled down as if marsians came from another universe.

The video “masters vom mars”, courtesy by genetikk is shown parallel in the exhibition: